EngageIT VDP Tutorials

Tutorial #1b, Form Letter Part 2 - Using Rules

3 Videos

Using the same basic Form Letter document as the first part of the tutorial, this video introduces the concept of rules-based processing. You will learn what a rule is, and how to use rules to apply data and styling changes to a document based upon the content contained in one or more data fields.

Tutorial #2, Postcard

3 Videos

In this tutorial, you will learn how to use the CopyFit module to detect and remedy variable text that is too long to fit within the designated space. You will also learn how to create a USPS Intelligent Mail Bar Code, and more about the Keyword Links feature.

Tutorial #3, ID Badges

3 Videos

This set of videos demonstrates how to create a multi-up ID Badges job that has variable text and pictures. The tutorial describes how to use the EngageIT VDP multi-up imposition features to create your own multi-up layouts directly in Adobe InDesign.

Quick Start Videos

Personalized Bank Letter with PDF Background

23 min

In a hurry to get started? This video introduces some of the basic concepts of EngageIT VDP, and offers a look at a few of the more advanced features. This first video is a basic two-page credit card form letter from a bank, which contains both personalized text and a variable signature graphic. Output will be to a PDF/VT file.

Automated Multi-up Imposition (Pro Only)

8 min

EngageIT VDP Pro includes a built-in feature that completely automates the process of creating multi-up impositions directly in Adobe InDesign. This video presents a quick run-through of this advanced feature.

Multi-up with Sequencing (Desktop and Pro)

10 min

If you don't have the Pro version of EngageIT VDP, you can still create a multi-up imposition document (it just takes a bit longer). This video covers the creation of a multi-up document using the EngageIT VDP Sequencing feature, available for both Desktop and Pro versions of the software.

VDP Packager Feature

7 min

The VDP Packager feature will pull together all of the VDP assets required for any job. This allows you to transfer the package to another workstation for processing, submit it to an automated workflow system such as Enfocus Switch or AccurioPro Connect, or send the package to us for support. This video shows you how to create a VDP package that will be processed by an automated workflow.

Advanced Topics

Database Definition Details

3 Videos

A Database Definition, or DDF for short, is a feature that is used extensively in EngageIT VDP. This set of videos provides a great deal of detail about the DDF, including how to edit and manage some of the more advanced settings.