Tutorial #1a, Form Letter Part 1 - The Basics

Creating a Database File

3 min

This video demonstrates how to use Microsoft Excel to create a sample database file that is compatible with EngageIT VDP software.

Introduction to Data Types

7 min

This video presents an introduction to the different types of data (text, picture, article, etc.) that are supported by EngageIT VDP. Want to know how to reference a variable picture file? Watch this video to find out!

Setup & Tagging

Setting up a Database Definition (DDF)

7 min

Once you have a data file ready, the next step is to tell EngageIT VDP about it. This video takes you through the initial setup process using the sample data file for Tutorial #1.

Tagging a Document

11 min

After you have run through the setup process, you are now ready to start tagging a document for Variable Data. This video takes you through the basic steps of tagging both Text and Picture information.

Preview & PDF Output

Preview Your Data

16 min

You have completed the tagging process, so now it's time to preview the data you wish to merge. This video takes you through the entire preview process.

Create PDF Output

17 min

The document is tagged and ready to go. This video shows you how to produce multi-page PDF/VT output from your data file.

Quiz Time

Take the Tutorial 1A Quiz

About 15 min

You just finished learning the EngageIT VDP basics, so now it is time to test your knowledge. Take the quiz to see how well you know EngageIT VDP software. If you manage a score of 80% or higher, please give yourself a high-five!