Tutorial #1b, Form Letter Part 2 - Using Rules

Introduction to Rules

8 min

This video introduces the second part of the tutorial, and discusses the concept of rules-based processing. You will learn what a rule is, and how you can use rules to modify the data and styling of a document based on the content of other data fields.

Creating a Link Rule to Modify Text

15 min

This video demonstrates how to create and apply a Link Rule to that will change the data to be merged. In this example, you will add a prefix of "Mr." or "Ms." to the Name field based upon the content of the Gender field of the database.

Creating a Link Rule to Change Picture Names

14 min

In this video you will learn how to use a Link Rule to specify the name of a graphic image file to be merged. In this example, based upon the name of the City in the database, a different image of a map will be merged into the document.