Tutorial #1b, Form Letter Part 2 - Using Rules

Introduction to Tutorial #2

7 min

This video introduces the second tutorial, which will be a one-up Postcard that includes variable text and pictures. The tutorial will introduce the built-in Longest Line test, the CopyFit feature, and discuss how to create a USPS Intelligent Mail Bar Code.

Using the CopyFit Feature

24 min

CopyFit is a standard feature that can be used to detect and adjust text that is too long to fit within the designated space. In this video you will learn how to use the CopyFit feature to automatically adjust overset text during a merge session.

Creating a USPS Intelligent Mail Bar Code

14 min

The USPS Intelligent Mail Bar Code is the standard postage bar code for pre-sorted mailings in the United States. This video will show you how to create and process a USPSIM bar code using the built-in "Keyword Links" feature.