Tutorial #3, ID Badges in a Multi-up Layout

Introduction to Tutorial #3

10 min

This video introduces the third tutorial, which is a two-up set of ID Badges. The tutorial will introduce the built-in multi-up features included with EngageIT VDP, and will demonstrate how to quickly and easily create multi-up layouts directly in an InDesign document.

Creating a Multi-up Layout

27 min

This video will demonstrate how to use the Sequencing feature of EngageIT VDP to create a two-up ID Badges job. You will see how to use InDesign tools to easily step out the layout, and even add your own crop marks. In addition, the EngageIT VDP Build Document feature will be covered as well. The Build Document feature can be used to create a multi-page InDesign document where each page contains variable data, and is a fantastic tool for proofing, testing, and even for producing short run VDP output.

Using the Cut & Stack Feature

20 min

In the final video of this series, you will learn how to produce multi-up output in Cut & Stack ordering. Cut & Stack ordering ensures that after the pieces are trimmed, they can be stacked and will remain in the same order as the original database file. The Cut & Stack feature is useful for jobs such as direct mail, where the final trimmed output must remain in sorted order. The feature is also useful for consecutive numbered jobs, as you will see in the tutorial.