VDP Packager Feature

This video demonstrates the VDP Packager feature that is a standard component of EngageIT VDP. The VDP Packager gathers up all of the assets required to produce a VDP job and places them into a packaged Job Folder. The package will include everything required to run the VDP job, including the InDesign document, data file, fonts, fixed and variable graphics, and all of the EngageIT VDP setup information. The VDP Packager feature has a number of valuable use cases. For example, you may prepare a document for processing on a workstation running EngageIT VDP Desktop, and then package that job and transfer it to a VDP Pro workstation so you can take advantage of the extra speed and unlimited output. Another good use case is for automated workflows such as Enfocus Switch. This video will demonstrate how to use the VDP Packager feature, and also provides a brief demonstration of how to submit the package file to a fully automated VDP processing system running Enfocus Switch workflow software.